A film by Alexis Block

The cake toppers of Toppers Bakery all come in pairs, three's or more. All except Nero the Hero who sits alone atop his butter-cream frosted tower. All he wants is someone to share his cake top with. So when the Baker brings out a fresh wedding cake Nero can't help but hear wedding bells himself.

Made possible with the generous support of Matt Groening.

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Director's Info

Filmmaker's Bio

Alexis is product of two very supportive parents and an endless supply of crayons as a child. Even if the crayons were sometimes used to create murals on her parent's bedroom wall. When not apologizing for her crazy antics as a kid she is currently found completing her MFA in Animation at UCLA and eating cupcakes. Her formidable undergrad years were spent studying 3D animation at the University of Central Florida. While studying at UCF she was honored to hold the position of President of her university's SIGGRAPH chapter. She would like to add that there were no perks to this Presidency, only a lot of paperwork. Yet despite the mountains of paperwork helping to host events for her peers and industry professionals played a crucial part in shaping her networking skills today. In the future she hopes to conquer the world one cute animated short film at a time.

Director's Statement

After the passing of proposition 8 and seeing the thousands of protesters taking to the streets in Los Angeles I knew I wanted to say something as well. But I'm not very good with profound messages, let alone how to make a profound film. I live in the realm of humour and cute. How could I ever make a film about supporting gay marriage that was both humorous, cute without getting preachy? Add to that the whole thing would have to be animated and that my 5-year-old nephew living in a small devout town in Texas would be the first to see it. Would he even get what I was trying to say? Would he ask why the two men were together?
Well he did ask my sister why. And when she told him it's because the superhero and groom loved each other he had no problem understanding. For him to call me and tell me he liked my film was pretty much all the accolade I could ever want for the project. The film took close to 8 months to complete and it's the first of my shorts that I am absolutely proud of. It's not perfect, but it's my voice. If one persons mind can be changed because of Toppers, then I truly have something to be excited about.

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Official Screenings

date fesitval notes
06.05.2010 UCLA Fesitval of Animation World Premiere


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comming soon.

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